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Thursday, April 27, 2006


GUOBIN being retarded with a purple umbrella. What's new.

Everyone's shocked that KENNETH is doing homework.

OLIVIA looks quite cute here. =)

I forgot to upload the Guobin kowtowing to Princess Lyly series. Next time, people.

Okay, ARES fac outing. We must support our fac!

P/S: 32nd OAC rocks.

guobin says:
Hey hey hey! Haven't blogged in quite a while here, though I have been tagging.

DANCE DANCE! I'm officially in love with Franz Ferdinand and Fall Out Boy. These bands are BRILLIANT. I dunno if it's something special, but they strike a chord in me that vibrates insanely for a LONG, LONG TIME. DANCE DANCE!

Kenneth (a.k.a. Pimp Wankstar) wants to form a band. Though we know shit about playing instruments. I've taken up his spot as drummer- gonna take lessons I guess. Any more applicants? Kenneth's gonna be our lead guitarist, mm. Haha we sound so nooby compared to Ruiyi.

And I'm not retarded all the time. Meh. Lol stupid umbrella stunt. I can be very sensitive, kind, caring, gentle, honorable, wonderful, elegant, inspiring, vocal with the right people =) Ha ego-ness. Joking la! I'm just retarded. =)

(I did come up with all those words on the spot, hee hee.)


Might speak again too. I'm so in love with *********!!!!

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