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Thursday, April 06, 2006

guobin says:

I've been terribly unlucky these few days. Well, more than I usually am.

Falling backwards into green plants and screaming the F word loud enough to rouse the entire HCI staffroom.
Oversleeping on bus and getting rained upon anyway.
Kena caught for sleeping.
Kena caught for never do math.
Over-pulled my left leg.

And taekwondo grading is on SUNDAY. Should I go for the friday training? I'm afraid of over-straining my left leg.

Speaking of which, I feel totally drained and unwilling to do anything except crash. Leeyang reckons I should die by taking Kenneth's adidas deodorant and spraying it up my nose. Be right back, then.

leeyang says:

aiya how ah i haven't done PI and its sort of due tomorrow. if i can't finish by tonight, i might suddenly come down with a case of "severe lethargy" and not attend school tomorrow. i think my PI is going to suck so bad quek chokes on his coffee, accidentally stabs himself with his red pen, go into cardiac arrest and start foaming at the mouth. help me la.

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