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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I wanted to thank those people who stayed throughout the very boring research symposium to listen to my humble presentation right at the end. I know it was very tempting to leave halfway like what most of the audience did.

Okay, the saga over sabbaticals. I think the school system is very frustrating and I'm glad there are so many smart people in HCI who have discovered ways to get around the laggy system.

For those who haven't signed up yet, there are still spaces available. It's not like every module is at its max, but there ARE some okay modules around. No need for belly dancing yet.

Can I ask whether our LEAPS is on this coming saturday or not?

But it looks like the date for our JTS is finally confirmed. We are seriously like the last class to organize JTS.

Banana Nut Crunch. Has got to be the best cereal on earth.

leeyang says:

the outlandish plots of bollywood movies are seriously fascinating, they make me want to renounce my studies and turn to indian dancing as a profession. this is very troubling. how does the couple flirtatiously flying kites on a river dam suddenly end up dancing under the big ben? dear me, shah rukh khan, you should have complained to the director that doesnt make sense chronologically! and then there's the scene where a crazed man runs around an empty building holding a laupok diskette shouting "VIRUS VIRUS" at the top of his lungs to himself while the indian equivalent of a SWAT team gather outside ready to knock down the walls for a.. diskette. employ me as an extra to dance around palm trees! today's death method is death by choking on maths tutorial 4a. goodbye cruel world!

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