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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Helloooo. My main purpose of this entry is to - remind all of you to

I really want to hurry up and get all the money by Monday. =) I know all of you are a bit sian of passing up money and stuff, but I suppose we don't have much of a choice, do we?

I think this week is Lit homework weekend, judging by the pile of work that someone gave us. I haven't been doing much (in fact just finished my Icarus last night) though.

Was marking the Econs timed assignment samples and I have a really bad feeling about my own. >.<>leeyang says:

hello i realise its a rather unhealthy obsession to be talking about maths on all my blog posts. so, i shall talk about the big unglam pile of lit jackie spammed! after doing lit chapter 1, i realised my inferring skills have just reached new heights, because i keep spamming my wild unfounded suspicions about raju! i've so many rumours about raju on my foolscap paper the taiwan paparazzi can come worship me! so, im a very good member of the GC, as i possess an uncanny ability to scandalise people by inferring about their little deeds and cooking up stories about them! kidding la haha. and i think im very humji, because i dont dare to do maths now. the weapon of choice today to stab myself will be... my mother's rusty hairpin! goodbye cruel world!

jon says:
I need R&R! More R&R! MOREEEEE. Half Day tmr pls. Go chee yang. give us a half day! Jiayou!

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