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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


i think we all need something to spice up our monotonous lives.

free entertainment. plz laugh! hahahaha. =/

Jon pukes:

hallo. Super exhausted from Parent's Day/Night/Meeting with the guy who speaks nonstop abtnonsensicalandunwittybuthethinksitswittythingsduringspeech. yes. I have immersed myself in homework and inhaling the aura like a worthy mugger. I am doing Geog at 12:01 Am with the prompting of junhong who has kindly reminded me dat our BELOVED Human geog teacher left us some DRQs. Immersed in a river of muggerness, eating a bowl of muggeriflakes and suffering from many mugerrefects. Life has been muggerified and i'm missing the old anti-no-mug-mug-mug-a-mug situations. But it is a fact of life that we must pass this years promos. So easy to get retained. Dun believe me go check the criteria. It sux. And "S" Papers are ghey!!!!

10:02 PM}

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