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Friday, April 21, 2006

WONKA says (patronising smile):

Congratuation, class (and to myself as well)! as an Art class, we should be PROUD that we completed our mathenemesis. YESHHHHHH....btw, i will not be cranky for the time being. It's like haloooo, maths is my only concern N i got OVER it... don worry(msg targeted to peop like tracee and guobin)! our class will nvr turn into A12b or some PRC class :) mandarin's juz one of the signs of mental disorder. So everyone, once leeyang and i start speaking chi, BEWARE. and i seriously meant, BEWARE! (u will get super irritated :P)ok, less mugging next wk liao. I am like feeling more normallllllllllllllllll. apart from tt, i can start working with our class chorale peop next wk. cant wait man!

ps. 1 thing tt spoilt my day was having to witness the stupid "dating game" in the warm and stuffy A402. blah!

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