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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hongwei says:
By the fact i rarely blog anything, this thing i am blogging is apparently of public concern. It is believed econs tests are graded randomly, discerning the fact that tracy and shumin got 16, but fuji, jeriel both got 9. This is a matter that causes public disquiet. I PERSONALLY have the answer key from my seniors and i got 9! A CASE OF MISCARRIAGED JUSTICE. Sigh... but nontheless us crestfallen monosyllabic marked students can do nth to our grades as mortals to God. To the teachers this event may just be like a falling maple leaf in the courtyard, worthless, but it is the world to us. ARGGGHHHH

leeyang says:

oh i'm home so early! i sort of exempted myself from chinese lesson and i feel so bad for breaking tanyang's fragile heart. im so lag my picture can be found in the thesarus under the word LAZY. to emphasize the point, i think my name is synonymous with the word SLACK. and im not going to be a journalist la, im going to be a housewife and slack away at home and the most momentous decision i make daily will be what to cook for dinner. karweng suggested that today's weapon of choice will be sharpened chopsticks from hc canteen. goodbye cruel world!

jon says:
i think kenneth will love you for breaking tanyang's fragile heart.

Possible Ideas for PI:
1. Mugging as a tradition.
- Greatly improves knowledge
- knowledge based-economy (wadeva la)
- Sources: erm, any muggers. I think our school got a lot. Our class may have a few. or alternatively can find all the ex-4H muggers.
- Feasibility: very feasible becoz we are all susceptible to it.
- Interviews: Anyone interviewing our dear CT rep?? ( haha jk:P but seriously can consider hmmm :P)

2. Stoning as a development
- encourages new creative ways of slacking
- very good for development for slackerism
-Sources: I believe can interview ourselves. I am a victim of such a development- such a good use to kill time especially in between all the " ok, alrights."
- Feasibility: Sources aplenty. Providing a momentum for such a GREAT development would be greatly approved. Don't you think?
-Interviews: hmmm, stoners:P

3. Development of weird accents.
- Provides entertainment ( GO JOB!)
- Improves english?? ( govt say no singlish. wadeva lah.)
- Sources: plenty.
- Feasibility: can la hor?
- Interviews: Anyone who can do it.

Sorry i v wu2 liao2 so come up with this. sianzor. PI kills brain cells. Save me.

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