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Thursday, April 20, 2006

leeyang says:

oei don't let the class blog die! to explain the recent spate of chinese: karweng and i have a tendency to have a mental breakdown mid-week, and we resort to HUAYU COOL! to prevent ourselves from just flopping down and dying at the class bench.

leeyang: eh how ah, later got econs test, i forgot what i studied, im stressed!

karweng: (patronising smile) oh i'm from chinese high, im used to this kind of.. (searches for correct word)

leeyang: adversity?

karweng: CALAMITY more like (patronising smile)

how ah tomorrow got maths. so hip right. and got alot of hw. i think im going to sit down to do work for so long tonight my butt will leave a dent in the chair. HAHA for today's death method, ask yvonne.

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