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Saturday, April 29, 2006

yingtse scribbles with sudden inspiration:
hey ppl! i was mulling over my (disgusting)banana cake today when i suddenly thought of names for every individual of our class! based on their..ehem. unique characteristics((:


olivia-- ms strong arms (or legs)
fuji-- mr sit-in-front
guo bin-- mr african monkey/monster (whichever you prefer(: )
fung min-- ms GC president
yvonne-- ms cackle (yesh, dont you love me yvonne?)
hong wei-- mr act-cute.
pei yu-- ms sleepyhead
jeriel-- mr history essay expert
lyly-- ms doodle. hm or how abt. ms froggie? or ms fac princess?
jian yang-- mr 'guai' councillor a.k.a mr gossip no.1
jay-- mr zhou jie lun a.k.a mr siqi((:
lee yang-- ms HUAYU COOL ambassador
ruiyi-- mr guitar jammer. or mr gossip no.2. dont you agree ruiyi??
shu min-- ms math pro
jun hong-- mr wushu shifu
jonathan-- mr lame-o :P
yee kai-- mr GUAI councillor. *jian yang pls take note* (:
paula-- ms sing whenever and wherever
kenneth-- mr zebra shoes
tracy-- ms camera woman
kar weng-- mr wonka a.k.a mr patronizing smile
jun hwa-- ms ezoac enthusiast! (tracy and fungmin too of course((:
shi jia-- ms ultimate mugger or ms responsible CT rep
yingtse-- ms i'm hungry
yingdan-- ms "i love you!"

if you have any suggestions to make that can enhance our CLASS OF QUIRKINESS list, please feel free to voice them out((: have fun ppl!

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