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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It is good to be home. =) I can proudly proclaim that me, Junhua and Fungmin have survived through YLTC! It was definitely a very tough camp for us, but I think it was very memorable in the sense that we suffered together.

OH YES. We didn't bathe for 5 days! I went home and stood under the shower for like 45 minutes.

And uh, Lee Yang, I sort of lost your PE shirt. We had to like empty our bags on the first day and the seniors threw all our belongings into a huge pile. So within 10seconds, we were supposed to stuff whatever we could back into our bags. Whatever that was left behind would be confiscated. As can be seen, all of our clothes got mixed up and... Yar. I got an L size PE shirt by the end of the camp. I should have labelled your shirt! I'll return you the pair of shorts and get you a new PE shirt.

Kenneth will get his shorts back too.

Last day of March hols and I've only done my GP essay. ARGHHH. Okay, off to pia as much homework as possible now.

Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! And I'm tanner!!

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