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Sunday, March 26, 2006

leeyang says:

yay im the first person to post today. doing maths on the weekend is just WRONG. its so siansational trying to contemplate the meaning of the existence of a bunch of sequences. i wanna stab myself with my pencil. goodbye, cruel world.....

I was just blog hopping around to other class blogs and it's funny how most classes LINK each other. So there's this long humungous list of other class blogs to view. The entire world has a blog!! While most of them are active, I think our template is cooler. HEHE.

Leeyang has started working on her sequences??! Ahhh. I'm still stuck trying to figure out functions and graphs. =( All the best for math test tomorrow everyone. But don't stress out over it, it's 15 MINUTES. Which probably means one question per chapter.

Class lunch after school tomorrow, anyone?

Shum says:

GREAT. I'm still living in the past. Thought math tutorials are on tuesdays!! Until a few mins ago, all thanks to Shijia (no sarcasm intended, just really distressed at the fact I haven't started revision...)

Ok good, maths homework isn't due tomorrow, else i'll have a heart attack. But it's going to be one long night... Good luck everyone!

Wonka says

like shum...i forgotten abt the test... MATHEMATICIANS from the past... go burn in hell...

!gb says
Let's see. How productive was my weekend? On a scale of one to ten, I'd say abso-f***ing-lutely MINUS 9999.
I bought a new bag and new shoes. I haven't started thinking of revision.

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