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Saturday, March 18, 2006

leeyang says:

hello i have a strong aversion to maths. it causes the rapid atrophying of my brain cells. my poor ruptured brain! i'd rather jump into a can of white paint or impale myself on naga siren's harpoon than do more maths. i haven't done my hol hw. GG.

sylviaaA speaks(:

lols maths rock. like fungmin's rock. XP HAVE FUN! XD
am i supposed to blog here? (ponders)

guobin who has injured his wrist speaks:Hey. Just wanna say congratulations to all those girls from YLTC. Remember to bathe. Haha I'm sure it was a wonderful experience anyway, ya?
Good luck to Jonathan, who's having nationals soon. Bring back a trophy man. I'm sure you can do it.
Good luck to all those with upcoming competitions and stuff, let A13 shine!


Good luck to me for grading too. Lol.

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