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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello people, the onli reason i am blogging is cuz tracee asked me =]. Ok continue with ur boring, arid, colourless, insipid and dull lifes. One question though, am i like too gay to function.

Hello people. I just got a haircut and my hair is now poofy and light. =) I feel good. Watch out out for the butch tomorrow. It's so spiky that I'm going back into that "Tracy doesn't look straight" stage.

Haha. Thank God the math test today wasn't counted. The lecture test sounds highly intimidating though. =S Until Chapter 4?!

Aye. So many people kena POQ today. What did you guys have to do in the end anyway?

Karweng says have class lunch on THURSDAY. I think it's a good idea since we end at 1pm. All those who are free and can go, say AYE in the tagboard and do suggest a venue.

And everyone pay class fund or else our poor treasurer has to chase you. The $5 one. Plus SIQI FUND. Don't be stressed, Funggg!

!gb says:
POQ = Writing the proposal out and owing keuq a "personal favour". As for Thurs, maybe we'all could bring you to SIM or something. Or one of the nearby haunts around the HCJC area.
(I just realised the intelligence level of this post of mine just went through the ROOF! :P Kidding. Well, compared to normal me anyway.)

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