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Monday, March 13, 2006

Willy Wonka says:

Hey all,

so glad tt you all came along to watch huang cheng :) Newcomers too... thx for being so enthusiastic!!! Love the cheering....love the flower... Realli, thanks for everything. (mr quek, thx for buying a ticket to watch the show with the class (: ) I only hope that you guys enjoyed the performance and i am sorry that I can't get you all wonderful seats.

06A13 ROX and i am glad tt i am in such a supportive class


Hey all,

Firstly, i would like to congratulate all the huangcheng people who really put up a good show. Whether you guys were backstage involved in hua4 zhuang1 or sounds or whether you were main actors in the play, i think the class would agree that the show was really enjoyable. (except the last one which was really cheeeeem). Karweng impressed me with his dance moves. I don't think i can or will ever want to do that (: Paula too, impressed me with her voice. Could hear her like 3 levels away! Clearly somemore.

Next i would like to wish the OAC people all the best tomorrow with their camp thingey which is supposed to be really really really tough. Hope all of you will come out of it stronger and tougher. Yet at the same time, please don't train until can do pull-ups. If not i zibei. can't even do one. After the 5 days i bet you guys will have a new perspective to life. or something.

Lastly, i would like to proclaim the state of our class: Good Game. Have you seen econs tutorial 12? Really not good game. Oh well, gd luck with your hw guys. I noe i'll need it.

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