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Thursday, March 30, 2006

hongwei says:

I am SO HAPPY, elated and exhilarated, OMG! I LOVE A13. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY OF MY LIFE. =]=]=]. JI ROXY. tracy rox(she forced me). junhua rox (yeah!), fungmin the best treasurer of the world, SHum ROX, VONNE VOX, btw vote for vox populi. WHEEE.

jon says:

Heyy, every thursday have class lunch okk?? Try to go out oso la!!! Today after lunch all siam so fast haizz... its raining.... i love and hate the rain.... depends on situation X.X maths is causing stomach acids eat up my brain X.X good game to me man. Mr Lee just pwned Jon for +100 gold!!! GOOD Game!!!

wonka exclaims:
*floating in the air* hongkong, hongkong, hongkong, wait for me :D... haha...i making you all jealous. Will buy things for u guys one...so wait for my presents! (should be food lah...mos prob)OMG! i cant wait! Tmr, at this very time, i will be on the land of hk! ok, shall not tok too much liao...in case u all curse me behind my back. Bye guys!

ps. hongwei, happy birthday hoh!
pps. pls vote for VOX POPULI since Aep students took a long time to make the banner, posters and video :) HAHAHAHAHAA

*looking at my air ticket* at 12:50am

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