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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hi, this is your class techie doing something for once. I'll hand out the username and pw over msn, and remember to sign off with every post.
Also I've emailed you inviting you to join the posting team, so please accept the invite.


~guobin (Like this)


Jun Hong says:
Hahaha i'm here to chope 2nd place...mmm A13 rocks!! =)


hey pple!

this is the last week of term 1 alr. time really flies yah. really glad that our class could stay together. hope our remaining days in hc will be wonderful. =) we shd all treasure the time spent with one another, in 06a13, coz good things never last. just like how some pple have left our class even before we realise it.

today feels weird without siqi arnd. i guess we all miss her a lot. . .

oh yes..class dinner was great ytd, thou not everyone turned out. thx guobin and karweng for the really really sweet message! =) brightened up everyone's day ^^

second intakes will be coming on wed. shd we do anything to welcome them?

p.s: GUOBIN IS A MUGGER!! he's been asking me if i've studied for geog test everyday since saturday! OMG!



ME!!! :P Muahahhaha! Jon here:P Exclamation star is 18!!!! :P Buahahhaha! Post later. Chopes third place. *mugs* 06A13 ROX MY SOX! WIth a Chopping BLOX! OK! nvm!


helloo everyone!
our class kinda feels empty now with people like siqi, leeyang and paula not around anymore x( whatever it is, guess the memories we'd shared will last- for a long long time. there's beauty in goodbye :)
want to thank EVERYONE who'd put in effort in discussions, actions, or whatever in helping our class stay as one. the incident is certainly an unpleasant one but i'm real glad we managed to stand together and pull through this short crisis =) well done a13-ers! we shall let no one mess with us.
agrees with junhua. we should try to organise some sort of welcome thingy for the 2nd intakers. (: hope nice people come to our class man! hmm should start planning yea!
gdluck for the maths quiz tomorrow pple (:


WHY DO I SEE THIS??? - Automatic. Supersonic. Hypnotic. Funky. Fresh... Guobin, it's really very you lah. If i rmb clearly...it's yr first post title on yr blog rite? GAWDS!!! However, i must say tt the current blog is quite comprehensive now. WE JUST NEED MORE PICS! Ok, so for now, i will for the 1st time praise guobin for being a rather efficient IT REP.

haha, i guess if we started the blog a little bit earlier, we would hav won 1st prize already... the pictures alone gave us 2nd prize loh. NVM, better late than never. Haiya...however, a new class blog means one more site to go each day... why a13ers got so many blogs....*faint* ok, hope tt more peop will post anyway!

OK guobin, i post liao! Just like wad you said...j~uz whack

ps. i realli hope tt the vouchers the class won are food vouchers...if they are book vouchers....i will be speechless liao. Only food stuffs are more practical rite?

Willy Wonka (Wong Kar) Weng signing off :)

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