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Friday, March 10, 2006

fungg says:

hey people! :) last day of term 1's hereee.
hope the new-comers have been feeling homely & adjusting well to the life in our class so far. guess most of them are still feeling kinda lost & disorientated but fret not~ everything will be fine after things start to settle down! hope you guys are enjoying the class so far lah. -smiles-
happy holidays everyone =) get lots of rest and have FUN during the one week break yup! AHH & if you're nice enough, please pray for/wish the oac people ( tracee, junhua, jianyang & me ) LOADS OF LUCK for our YLTC ( youth leadership training camp ). its gonna be real tough & scary so we're all feeling rather jittery about the camp now =/ yups.
anyway, for the people going for huangcheng on sunday night, please meet at 5pm SHARP at cityhall mrt. we'd have dinner then head down to vt to watch the performance. (:

jon says:

Hey dudes and dudettes! Hope your having fun!

To our dear 2nd intakes: hope your feeling more comfy now!!! Mix arnd more k??:D If your not, coming for huang cheng its ok :P We will have other class outings v v v v v v soon!!! :D So dun worry. Meanwhile, try to get to know everyone coz our class rox!!! 06A13 4eva :D

To OAC pplz: Jiayou for YLTC and precamps!!! After those 5 days it'll all be over! :D

To whoever who has not given me his or her b day and email: Ask anyone who has your email from our class for me e mail and contact me asap plz thanks :D:D

To everyone: Shall we mass spread fac dance?? Or have some other event soon?? If not like quite sian. Anyway, lets discuss on sunday!!! :D nightz

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